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For a pre-arranged fee, All-Span can perform a truss installation inspection. However, the written field report will NOT be a signed and sealed report; it is only a letter of opinion written by our Field Services Specialist stating his findings. If the trusses have been installed accordingly, the letter will simply state that trusses have been installed in accordance with the approved All-Span truss shop drawings.

The following are typical areas of our inspection: general installation concept, truss-to-truss connections, and permanent bracing.  Additionally, we are checking for any damaged or bent truss members that may have occurred during the handling or installation.

Please note that All-Span’s truss inspection is NOT an engineered service, nor will you receive an engineered signed and sealed letter. All-Span accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the installation of trusses sold by it.

To obtain an inspection that is sealed, you must consult an independent (possibly third party) inspection agency. All-Span will not incur any fees, bills, back charges etc. to cover sealed inspections by other agencies. 
Contact your sales representative for more details.