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Our History
All-Span, Inc. understands your needs for light gauge steel truss systems. With integrity based ownership possessing more than 65 years of experience in pre-engineered and pre-fabricated building components, and dedicated employees committed to your satisfaction, All-Span, Inc. will work hard to earn your trust. And, most importantly, All-Span will focus on keeping that trust project after project. Established in 1999, All-Span, Inc, has grown to become one of the nation's largest producers of light gauge steel truss systems. In business since 1999, All-Span has produced and delivered millions of square feet of roof trusses throughout the eastern United States. Our high capacity fabrication facility located in Bridgeville, Delaware has produced truss systems for customers from Maine to Florida. As one of the country’s leading authorized fabricators of the Aegis Ultra-Span® light gauge steel truss system, All-Span consistently provides each of its customers with industry leading products, the finest engineered truss designs and shop drawings, and diligent quality control throughout the fabrication and delivery process. Additionally, All-Span does not stop servicing your project after delivery. Our project coordinators and field superintendents work closely with the customer throughout the project to assure satisfaction. With experience has come understanding. The employees of All-Span know how to identify potential snags in the construction process and help prevent them before they occur. Throughout each of the phases of estimating, design and shop drawing development, and fabrication, they will search for the most efficient and effective way to get your project completed on time and within budget.